Seasons of Change

Here at Love Wins, when the season changes we find that the needs change too. Since Hurricane Florence came through, a lot of our folks have had runny noses, coughs, and have been going to the emergency room because they don’t feel well. In turn, they have needed help getting medications filled.

We have an account with Person Street Pharmacy, and they are amazing with us. We have the ability to help our community get medications that they normally wouldn’t be able to get. We try to make sure that they get all that we can provide to help them live happy, healthy lives. Sometimes that means they need their psychiatric medications, and sometimes that means a RIT lice kit.

We are blessed to have a place that tries to accommodate us with all of the help that they can provide for us, however, over the past month or so we have run up a bill with them for close to $300. We pay little bits at a time as we can. If you want to help us with any of that bill you can go to Person Street Pharmacy and tell them you want to help pay some of the bill for Love Wins Community Engagement Center.

We have also noticed the need for coats, hand warmers and toe warmers have started. Over the past week the temperatures have started to drop at night into the 60’s. For most people that sounds like a great break from the summer heat, but for our roofless community members that means that they are outside in the evenings when the dew falls on them. Then the temperature drops, so they are outside, wet, and chilly. The hand warmers and toe warmers are one of the best things we can provide for the chilly autumn nights. The warmers don’t take up much space in their belongings, and they last for almost 8 hours. The need for coats is a thing that will only grow from here. As the nights get colder, then so will the days. Right now we don’t have any long sleeved shirts and are running low on long warm pants, so if you are going to do a closet purge, we would love to have any of your unwanted autumn/winter clothes.

We love what we do at Love Wins CEC. We want our community to be the best version of themselves that they can be.  We are firm believers in relationship building and one on one conversations. Everyone’s needs are different, so it takes a variety of different resources to try and help them navigate the crazy world of homelessness. We do all that we can. If we take just a few minutes out of the day to sit and talk to someone about what is going on in their life, then they don’t feel like they have been just passed by for the day.

They want be acknowledged. We will acknowledge them.

If you would like to donate to our bill at Person Street Pharmacy, click here, or go on down there and tell them that you would like to help someone at Love Wins with life-saving medication.