We are all in this together

The Center has come along way in the past 6 months. Many things have changed for the better, and the community has embraced the subtle changes together.

The past 2 months we have seen many positive changes. We are serving breakfast and lunch every day, which means LOTS of dishes need to be washed. The community has taken it upon themselves to work together to keep the kitchen clean and fully supplied. With the temperatures being low in the morning we go through about 180+ cups of coffee, 5-8lbs of sugar and 2lbs of creamer a day. The community makes the coffee and encourages everyone to wash a dish so we can have enough plates and bowls for lunch. Lunch is made and served by our community guests.

Most of the time we have enough for 3rds!

We have also seen a surge of “new to us (as MaRanda and I say)” folks who heard through the grapevine that LWCEC is up and running and the changes and new staff and volunteers are great. They catch up with friends, chat with staff and some have said “Man, had I known you all had food everyday I would have stopped by way before now”. We look forward to seeing new folks becoming old friends.

We have had a big surge of folks wanting to help out. Almost every day a guest will approach me and say “Ms. Alyssa, I’m bored. Do you have anything that I can do?”

My response is “Of course! We need help sorting donations!” or “It’s time for all bathrooms to be checked for supplies”. Often times towards the end of the day we see dishes being washed, trash emptied and someone with a broom in their hand. This makes for a smooth clean up after we close the doors at 1pm. Many folks are willing to stick around and help prep for the next day preparing coffee for the morning, washing stray dishes, mopping floors and emptying the trash.

The community is really coming together and embracing the center as their own. They are looking out for each other well. Friends will help those who are having a bad day and need to take a walk and talk. Friends are encouraging each other to do the right thing, to not miss appointments, to go and apply for the job that just became available at their place of employment and it makes my heart swell with pride and love for all of them.

Team work really does make the dream work! By embracing these positive changes our attitudes are cheerful and the center is full of love and laughter. Come by and join us for a cup of coffee, a story and a laugh. We’d love to show you around!