Small wins are still wins!

We definitely had a win today at Love Wins – we were able to safely open up a bathroom for the community to use!

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, a Covid Task force was created for our building to help guide us on how to best protect our community members. This task force is headed up by two local healthcare experts and includes representatives from St. John’s, Love Wins, and City on a Hill Foundation. They ensure that we are following local government guidelines, as well as national and state health guidelines. As one of the few organizations providing hot meals right now, we are doing everything possible to avoid Covid exposure as that could cause an interruption to our current services.

Our biggest hurdle has been how to safely allow community members into the building so they have restroom access. As we’re sure most of you can understand, it’s hard to know the best route to take when new information about the virus is coming out almost daily. We’ve been fortunate to maintain the same small set of daily volunteers to reduce exposure risk, and this allows us to keep the total number of people in the building under 10. So, increasing that number (even for short amounts of time) is something we needed to make sure we were fully prepared for.

For the past several weeks, we’ve been working with the Covid Task Force and Board on finding the best option for this. Over the weekend we were extremely fortunate to have volunteers come in and make necessary adjustments to our HVAC system to allow for better ventilation. This makes it safer for people to be in the building. We have thermal thermometers at the front desk for temperature checks for everyone that enters the building, as well as a sign in sheet and documented Covid questionnaire.

The next step was to find volunteers to help staff the bathroom. To make the risk of exposure as small as possible, we have it set up so one person can use the restroom at a time. Then, the volunteer utilizes proper sanitation procedures after each use. Currently, we have one community member that has volunteered to help with this, and we are spreading the word for more volunteer help.

Currently we are working with both the Covid Task Force and the Board to find a way to safely start offering shower services again. Extra volunteers will be needed for this to be possible.If you’d like to volunteer with us, in any capacity, please email us at

As always, we appreciate your continued support – we couldn’t do this without you!