Coming Soon – Baby Christopher


We’re expecting!

Okay, that probably needs some clarification. One of our guests, Tori, is expecting a little boy at the end of May. She’s a first-time mom, and she’s experiencing all the normal things expecting moms experience. The nerves, the excitement, the endless need to use the bathroom.  We’ve watched her belly grow, enjoyed his ultrasound pictures, and felt him kick. Now we’re getting ready to support Tori, Tito, and Baby Christopher as we celebrate this new life coming into the world.

As any parents reading this know, a baby changes everything, and all the needs that a newborn bring can feel overwhelming even under the most perfect of circumstances (which, do those ever exist for anyone?). The women in the Love Wins community are really looking forward to Tori’s shower and helping her out in whatever ways we can. We take very seriously the honor of sharing milestones with our community, which is why we don’t hesitate to organize a holiday dinner, put on a wedding, or, in this case, host a baby shower.

If you’d like to share in welcoming Christopher along with us, there are several ways you can help. We’d welcome any of the items below:

You can also find Tori’s registry by clicking here. If you want to mail donations or a financial contribution, please use our mailing address: Love Wins Ministries / POB 28837 / Raleigh, NC 27611. If you’d like to drop off a donation, you can find us at the side entrance of Trinity United Methodist Church at 824 N. Bloodworth St. If you have any questions, please email Jasmin.

Thank you for helping us provide hospitality and welcome for the smallest members of our community!

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