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When Love Wins Ministries started, we didn’t have a Hospitality House. For nearly five years, Love Wins lived entirely on the streets. We counseled and listened, had a chapel service, shared food in the park on the weekends, and trained faith communities in how to do this work. But we didn’t have a home.

Over the last five years, we have worked to create safe space, a true home for this diverse and thriving community that has formed around our Hospitality House. Our offices are there, our staff has grown up there, and we are very proud of what we do there.

It is also incredibly expensive to do it. It accounts for more than 85% of our budget and 90% of our time. It requires at least three trained full-time people. For the last five years, I have been one of those full time people. This means that I am not writing things, or counseling nearly as many people. I am not training faith communities to do this work and, most importantly, I am not working on making the organization sustainable. All of that puts the safety and stability of our community at risk.

So, we are making some changes.

Over the next few weeks our Hospitality House, a program of Love Wins Ministries, will transition to become an independent nonprofit corporation, The Love Wins Community Engagement Center. We are in the process of applying for 501c3 status for it, and it has a separate governing board. We are becoming two separate organizations: Love Wins Ministries and The Love Wins Community Engagement Center.

Love Wins Ministries will initially employee a part-time administrative assistant and me. Its mission will remain the same, to provide a ministry of relationship and presence to the homeless and housing vulnerable population of Raleigh, and provide training and education around how to do that in your community.

The Love Wins Community Engagement Center will employee three people to run the daily operations, manage the volunteers, care for the community, and provide hospitality. Just like we have always done.

Some of us will be changing staff titles and roles over the coming weeks, and initially, I will temporarily be the Director of both organizations. And while I will always be involved as the founder of both organizations, eventually my daily life will be less focused on running a Community Engagement Center and more focused on running Love Wins Ministries.

As far as funding goes, Love Wins Ministries has committed to be the primary funder of the Community Engagement Center the first year, and a major funder after that. In other words, continue to make your donations as you do now, and we will fund the daily operations of the new facility. But eventually, it will transition to raising money on its own, and we also intend to pursue outside funding from grants, foundations, and other organizations. We will keep you informed.

I should also say that the transition will cost us a couple of thousand dollars in administrative costs. If you want to help us cover that, you can donate here.

To be clear, we are not abandoning the Hospitality House. It is just growing up. Love Wins Ministries will always be involved. We have three board seats on its five-person board, of which I am serving as chair. I am committed to remaining there as long as I am useful. The ethos and community based nature of the Hospitality House will not change. The only change will be our ability to do this work for a long time into the future.

Love Wins Ministries will be even more active as we use the newfound margin to develop ways to do large scale street outreach; focus on our worshiping community at the weekly chapel service; and create materials that teach others how to do this work, in both secular and faith-based contexts.

Next week, I will use our blog to answer lots of questions about how this will happen and share more details. Until then, please know that we think this time of growth is scary, but important.

We are so incredibly grateful for your support that enables us to do this bigger, better thing for our community.


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