Come Work For Us


As I said last week, there are changes afoot at Love Wins. Our decision to separate the hospitality house (now known as The Love Wins Community Engagement Center) into its own organization was huge, and has lots of implications for our community.

Here is one of them: We need someone to lead the new organization. The title is Director of Operations, and the goal is for us to hire someone to run the daily operations, to manage the small staff, and to provide a calm and grounding presence for our community members.

This isn’t the Executive Director, which is more of a legal role, but more like a Chief Operations Officer, if we were a gagillion dollar organization. The link to the actual job description is at the bottom of this post, but I wanted to talk about the job for a minute.

Hiring is always difficult for us. We want people who are compassionate and have a genuine sense of vocation around working with our population, but we also recognize that there aren’t a lot of places like us, so the odds of finding someone with the exact skill set we need isn’t high.

We have tended to hire people young in their career, with the idea that it is easier to train someone to do a specific skill than it is to train them to be kind, or to listen. If you have spent 32 years at the Holy Gospel Rescue Mission, and liked it there, it would be really hard for you to work here.

So here are some real world, no corprate double-speak thoughts on what this person needs to know to be successful here.

  • This work can be emotionally draining and demands emotional health. We will fight to make sure you have plenty of time away from the office to rejuvenate, but you will have to be good at protecting your time off and maintaining healthy boundaries.
  • We tend to avoid micromanagement and would much rather come alongside you, helping you set goals to accomplish. If you need help achieving them, we are happy to help. So don’t be afraid to ask. No one has ever lost their job here because they asked for help!
  • We believe the stuff we say about community. We aren’t just asking you to work with us – we are inviting you into our lives, and the lives of our guests. Hiring new people scares us – a lot – simply because we are very protective of our guests. If you’re willing to commit to being a part of something like a large, loud, fun, complex extended family, than we are the place for you. If not, you should look elsewhere.
  • We don’t have clients. Clients are transactional, and the language opposes the language of community. Instead, we have guests, who we invite to be part of our safe space, where, as Henri Nouwen puts it, “the stranger can become a friend.”
  • We need applicants with a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn. And please note: if you believe that you can “fix” our guests and community members with said strong work ethic, this is probably not the place for you.
  • We really, really need you to want to care about our guests, and you also need to really, really care about the team you work with, too. We have a very collaborative team of people here, who have developed strong relationships with each other. Like working with a team of awesome people? Then we need you!

In short, we want someone who is passionate about this work, and who isn’t afraid to make decisions. The ideal candidate will know how to respectfully delegate. You should like people and conversation, and especially important, be able to actively listen. If you apply, you need to be willing to suspend your judgement. Our guests do not need one more person in their life who is going to judge them, but crave people who will accept and respect them.

As we are fond of saying, the opposite of homelessness is not housing. The opposite of homeless is community. If that not only resonates, but you want to shout, “Yeah!” and throw a clenched fist in the air, we invite you to apply.

You can see the job description, and application instructions, here.