Community Garden: Community Market

Our budding Horticulture club is taking the Community Garden very seriously this year.  We started by planning a mixed color heirloom cherry tomato garden, in order to be able to provide an attractive product to bring this summer to the Rebus Works Saturday Market.


Our baby tomato plants.

We’ve planted red cherry, brown cherry, orange grape, white grape and red heart tomatoes. When they get larger, we’re going to transplant them, and I’ve purchased a small grow lamp so that they can get up to a viable size. Then we plan to plant what we need, and offer up the rest of the seedlings at the Saturday Market at Rebus Works, so that you can plant your own garden too!

Our folks are getting really creative. One community member even came up with the idea of taking some of these cans that we use, and planting tomatoes in tomato soup cans, corn in corn cans, green beans in the green bean cans, and calling the booth “The Food Pantry”, which I think is brilliant, but we’re gonna have to drill a lot of holes in those cans, and no one can figure out what to do with the spam cans (hahahahahaha).

In the meantime, our first crop will be a beautiful selection of greens to braise, planted last fall by one of our awesome volunteers. We’re excited about the new hot pepper we just seeded, and the spring garden of radishes and carrots that should be available soon. When the community comes together, we can fight food insecurity and learn how to sustain our neighborhoods!

Author: MaRanda Kiser

Food is my love language- it's how I express love into the world.