Wednesdays: Community Meal and Prayer

One of our six guiding principles is relationship. We’re not here just to provide a service, we’re here to build relationships based on things we have in common with each other. We want to build relationships between people experiencing homeless and people who aren’t. We have found that everyone has a lot to gain from such friendships. One of the primary ways we facilitate building relationships is a weekly time when we share a meal together (food is something everyone has in common) and a community prayer service (prayer is something a lot of people, even non-religious ones, have in common).

All that is to say: you are invited to join us each Wednesday for a shared meal at 11:30am (always good food, absolutely free) and/or a community prayer service at noon. You are free to eat and then leave. You are also welcome to join us for prayers even if you can’t eat with us. Another of our guiding principles is free space, which means you can come and go as you like and no one here will try to convert you or change you.

Here is a flyer we made to invite everyone to join us on Wednesdays. Please share this with others either by posting this link on social media or by printing out the PDF of the flyer (click on it to download) and posting it at your neighborhood coffee shop, community board, or narthex.

Love Wins Wednesday Meal Prayer flyer