Floods of Water and Giving

After Hurricane Matthew wreaked so much havoc on North Carolina (and its effects continue to harm our neighbors), we put out a call asking for help since many of our community members had lost everything. Shelters were open to anyone but you couldn’t bring your stuff with you, so our friends living outside had to leave all their stuff outside and unattended, left to the wind, rain, and floods. It was a hard weekend to say the least. And then other members of our community came through in the most wonderful way. Every day last week stuff poured in like the rain had the week before. Our community has some of the most generous people anywhere. And true to our ethos, we gave away as freely as we received. (Which means we still need more tents.) We tried to take photos as stuff rolled in but we missed some of it in all the busyness. Here’s a sample of what our friends shared with each other. As the flood of giving poured in last week, we expressed thanks in our Wednesday prayer service and we want to reiterate that. Thank you so much to everyone who gave generously, to everyone who helped process the donations, and to everyone who received gratefully. We are blessed to have such good friends who take such good care of each other.

Modeling a few of the jackets we received.
Modeling a few of the jackets we received.
Ties and socks, more socks, tents, blankets, pillows, shirts and sweaters, and a load from Amazon!
Sleeping bags, blankets, canvas bags, tents, and socks.