Gift giving that helps

Santa CatToday, many of you are going to be at the stores, lined up to grab gifts for people you love, taking advantage of sales that only come along once a year.

We hope that, when you get home from that and are trying to decompress from the Holiday mania and you are warming your toes and drinking hot chocolate, you can check out this years Holiday Gift Catalog!

We served about 1,000 people with hugs, food, smiles, and clothes. We welcomed them, listened to them, laughed with them, and validated them.

We have made a list of special things to help you figure out what to put under the tree. These are things that out community needs, and ways that we spend money all of the time, and this is a chance for you to help us help more folks.

Whatever you are doing today, we hope you are happy and warm and feeling loved. We are sure grateful for all of you.