It Rained All Night

It rained all night last night. I noticed a flashing green light out our back window as I was turning out the lights. Turned out one of my boys had left his toy green laser sword outside and it wasn’t liking the rain. As I brought it in I thought about all my friends here at Love Wins who were about to spend a long night in a rain I hadn’t noticed until that flickering toy brought me outside. I prayed for them and hoped somehow my prayers could make a touch of difference for them.
This morning there was a long line to get in the door at 9am. Friends wanting pancakes, wanting coffee, and most of all wanting a chance to dry out. Think about those times in your life when you’ve been wet for an extended period of time. Even the best fitting clothes stop fitting well after a while. It’s even worse with clothes that started out the wrong size (as they often do when you’re wearing whatever was donated). You know what happens. Chafing. Annoying at first. Then increasingly painful. Blankets get wet and then heavy and then torn. Tents and sleeping bags are hopefully watertight but if you’ve been camping before, you know how that goes. It’s not the devastation like we saw with Hurricane Matthew, just the everyday hardship of a night of steady rain.
Still, I heard laughing from outside as I plugged in the countertop griddle. I saw a little bounce in a few steps. Our friends have come to count on Monday morning pancakes. We stand around, laugh, chat, and pass the syrup. Thanks to you we had fresh socks and blankets and an all day space to get dry and rest up for what looks like another night of rain. We’ll have biscuits in the morning and another day of dryness and life together.