Love: A Matter Of Life And Death


In the aftermath of the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, I am shaken: with some anger, mostly sorrow, and much longing. After such an event, it is easier to give in to fear, the desire to ostracize, or to hold, close-fisted, to what’s “mine” in order to keep it safe. And when 40% of kids experiencing homelessness identify as LGBT, this particular crime hits our community so close to home, the fear is strong and potentially overwhelming.

But I know, deep in my bones, that giving in to fear will never create the world I know is possible, the world where such violence and hate never have the opportunity to grow rooted in minds and hearts.

Friend and writer, Gareth Higgins comments about the reduction of violence:

You can reduce violence today by the story you tell yourself and the people around you: that humans have never had more opportunities to connect across lines of difference, that healing modalities for trauma and violence have never been in greater supply, and that strategies for resolving conflicts non-violently have never been more resourced or available.

Fear is a story that hurts, partly by how it distorts reality. Love is a story that heals without denying wounds…

Don’t give in to fear, instead ground yourself in the strength to Love.

Ground yourself in the strength to Love. Welcome those who don’t belong. Or who are from a different political party, sexual orientation, race, culture, or religion. Welcome, listen, and seek healing whenever possible. Speak out. Love.

It’s a matter of life and death.

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