Love Always Wins

This blog update was written by our newest employee, Blu Honeycutt.  You’ll be hearing more from her in future posts, so stay tuned!


I already had a vision in my mind of this collaboration of meaningful words that I wanted tattooed on my arm, and then this happened and it became something so much more…

I had been part of the Love Wins Community for a few years now, and over time, found that I didn’t need to go there anymore, (or so I thought). I began a journey to get my life together, a home, getting to see my kids, staying in recovery for over a year. I felt lost still. Something in my life was missing. I was fortunate enough to run into one of the Love Wins Community members, and I was told my help was needed, and that’s all I needed to hear. I needed purpose. I needed to be needed.

I showed up ready to do something, anything, I just wanted to stay busy, and I sure did. Washed dishes, cooked some food, folded clothes, just kept moving. I had a purpose: to help. After a few weeks of volunteering, I was standing in the kitchen with MaRanda and Alyssa, and began to tell them about this project I had in mind of getting inspirational words tattooed on my arms. I thought I needed to add Love Wins to that list of words. “I know right!!! I had been thinking about that!!! Love Wins right here!!!”, as Alyssa draws a line across her arm. “I’m gonna rock it right here!!!”, and MaRanda puts up her double fists. That was when the plan was hatched. We were on a mission and it was going to happen.

When the day came to go get the tattoos, I knew what it meant to me, to have something that I would share with two people that share my passion for making “Love” the “winner” in our lives. On a daily basis these two ladies give a part of their hearts to our community, and the people in our community see and feel that. That’s why they show up every morning before the doors open, and stay after they close to help. They have made love the big win in a lot of failures. I was honored to be part of something so grand.

As we got tattooed, we shared some great stories, and made plenty of new ones to share. That day we came together to share the heart and soul of our community, and to show that this is something we all need in our lives. This community is the purpose. We bond together over our desire to make Love Wins a great place for so many people. I will always be part of something bigger than me…. Love Always Wins.

For more about the tattoo process, check out “Giving away Privilege” , a blog post by MaRanda, our ED.  

Author: MaRanda Kiser

Food is my love language- it's how I express love into the world.