Meet MaRanda!

Ever since the Community Engagement Center was spun off from Love Wins Ministries in the spring of 2016, the plan was to find the perfect person to run it. It took a while, but we have found our person.

Meet MaRanda Kiser, the new Executive Director of the Love Wins Community Engagement Center!

We first met MaRanda a few years ago when she was working with the Crape Myrtle Festival, an all-volunteer nonprofit that raises money for HIV services and the LGBT community. When the crisis happened in April and we were unsure we would be able to stay open, MaRanda showed up, and showed up big. She has worked tirelessly in the five months since then, working a full time job and then coming in to work at the Community Engagement Center more than 25 hours a week, every week, without pay.

There is no way we could have survived the last five months without her. She has leveraged her contacts and resources to make sure we have stayed open, and our community, staff and board of directors all love her.

When we were looking for who to groom to take over, she was our first choice. So we asked her, and she said yes! Her first day was this past Friday, and she has already hit the ground running – here she is setting up the table at our information table at Trophy Tap and Table Friday night.

We are so glad MaRanda came on board to head up our new team!

What happened to Hugh?

When we spun off the Community Engagement Center as its own organization in the spring of last year, the agreement was that Hugh would serve as the unpaid Executive Director until we were able to hire and train a new person to do so.

So now that we have, Hugh’s role is changing. He will now be a member of the Love Wins Community Engagement Center Board of Directors, and continues in his role as pastor at Love Wins Ministries. 

Over the next few months, he is going to be working heavily with MaRanda to ensure a smooth transition, and to help her as she makes the role her own. She has his full support, and he is excited about her leadership of this organization that is very dear to his heart.

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