Meditation in Memory of Grant Rollins


 Rev. Robert Parrish

 St. John’s MCC

 622 Maywood Ave/Raleigh

 July 20, 2019


          David, the writer of Psalm 23 knew the hardships of life.  As a child, he knew what it was to protect his sheep from being eaten by wolves or wandering off into areas of danger.  When he grew up to be king, he knew what it was to fight for the protection of his people, and to preserve his own life.  There must have been times when he wandered about the presence of God.  There is no doubt that he had many questions for God, and even expressed frustration and anger.  One only has to look at Psalm 6 to find a glimpse of  this.  In this psalm he cries out to God in the midnight hour, and in his anguish seeks answers. 

          In the life of David we find where he did find comfort from God.  In Psalm 51 we find where God loves him and provides forgiveness for his many sins.  In the reading from the psalm today there is insight, where David found peace in green pastures; healing and comfort was given to him even when he was at the brink.  David, a human being, knew both struggle and comfort.

Friends write messages to the family.


       None of us will fully know why Grant left us.  Perhaps he was dealing with pressures and situations that were too hard to bear.  In his dying, he leaves us two messages:  One message is be more aware of those who are asking for help.  Yes, even help them figure out the kind of help and support they need.  Another message is to love everybody you can.  This kind of love is not a flowery and mushy kind.  It is a kind of love that is with some one in their darkest hour.  It is a kind of love that accepts where a person is and helps them to their best resolutions.  This type of love and support is not easy;  but with the help of God we can do the best we can.

          To the homeless community:  Grant is one that lived among us.  May we remember the fun times we shared and the good memories we have.  May we also work and pray for better support and care so that we may live our best lives and to their fullest extent.

          To his family and close friends:  I wouldn’t pretend the words or sentences that would describe what you are feeling.  What I do believe is that the same comfort that David experienced from God is available to you also.  The prophet Isaiah writes “God will keep you in perfect peace if you keep your mind on him”.  As you work towards healing and peace in your own time please know that there is a community of care and love for you.  We will be praying for you.

          The God of comfort, peace, and love is with and for us all.  They are available to us whether in times of struggle or in times when we are doing well.  The love of God is with us when times are bad or when they are good.  May you all know the comfort, peace and love of God….Amen.

Author: MaRanda Kiser

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