Meet the staff: Laura

We have four new staff members at Love Wins Community Engagement Center. Over the next few weeks, each will introduce themselves here. First, we met Leann Rafferty, our Office Manager, then Clelia Sweeney, our Operations Associate. Now, Laura Foley, our Operations Manager, tells us about herself: 

My name is Laura. I do not identify as much of a writer or especially a reader for that matter. This, I am afraid, has always been true about me. It is as though the experience and interactions of my day always provide me exceedingly enough content for entertainment, reflection, and learning.

I would whole-heartedly rather meet and talk to each of you than write these 200+ words and have you simply read them. Thus my procrastination in writing this thing. However, as I have been reminded incessantly, that is neither pView More: nor practical and these 200+ words are important.

I wake up each weekday with the hope of becoming worn out. I long to contribute body, mind, and spirit to our community until the very last drop. I experience, investigate, and wonder about life in a highly corporeal way, hence why I prefer to actually meet you, whomever you are. I love beauty and I love working to create beauty. The physicality of what we do at the community engagement center cannot be overstated. The values of mutuality, agency, downward bias, free space, relationship, grace, and bearing witness are not first words but life. We are faces, handshakes, smells (of all kinds), questions, tears, hugs, laughs, arguments, cleaners, friends, pot stirrers, pot stealers, and protectors.

On the weekends I nest with my partner Mechelle. We like to listen to 80s music and go to estate sales. We love to share meals around our table with friends. We both teach yoga and always wish to practice more. Our dogs Oaks and Lulu Belle are opposites and inseparable.  We pride ourselves on each being fourth generation North Carolinians. I prefer to clean the garage out and go hiking while Mechelle likes to read a book and lay in the grass. We have hopes of growing our family one-day but currently are just working on a garden.