Meet the staff: Mike

We have four new staff members at Love Wins Community Engagement Center. Over the next few weeks, each will introduce themselves here. First, we met Leann Rafferty, our Office Manager, then Clelia Sweeney, our Operations Associate, and Laura Foley, our Operations Manager. Now, meet Mike Raburn, our Director of Communications:

Hi. My name is Mike. I’m the new Director of Communications for the Love Wins Community Engagement Center. Yes, that means Facebooking is now part of my job (as my partner Amy noted the other day with slight chagrin). I have been blogging and podcasting for several years as I went through grad school at Duke and pastored a Vineyard church in Wake Forest. Amy and I have eight children ranging from 24 to 2 months old; five of them live at home with us. We also have a dozen or so pets and creatures living with us at any given time. Ours is a house full of life, love, music, toys, and laughter. For more about our family and community building adventures, you can check out our podcast AM Radio.

View More: grew up Pentecostal and earned a PhD in theological ethics from Duke. I am an ordained pastor in the Association of Vineyard Churches. I like to play bass guitar, watch sci fi movies with my kids, and relax at the beach.

Jean Vanier (one of my heroes) said, “it is the weak, and those who have been excluded from society, who have been my teachers.” I learned a lot at Duke. I learned a lot serving as a senior pastor for the last four years. Now, I am incredibly thrilled to be part of the Love Wins community and have this new set of wonderful teachers. I’m already learning a lot from our community members. I look forward to sharing that with you, amplifying the voices of our community members who are full of life, love, and wisdom.