Michael’s Favorite Things

Follow our blog series, Favorite Things. In this post, Elizabeth  interviews our guest Michael about some of the things he loves the most. Interested in volunteering and becoming a part of our community? Click here to contact Olivia. Peace, Jasmin 

michael holloway

Michael has been my go-to friend since day one, and he is in a lot of my blog posts. I wanted to have him share a little about himself because he’s great. At Love Wins we work on amplifying the voices of people who aren’t normally heard. I wasn’t surprised at all that he and I had very similar answers. My hope is that others see how they could have something in common with a complete stranger, and that we all remember that when we pass someone in the street. We need to remember we’re all on this earth together and part of the human family, with more commonalities than differences.

The answers to these questions just don’t do him justice though – Michael has the silliest sense of humor. When I first asked these questions, he came up with the most sarcastic answers (i.e. “the edible stuff” was his favorite food).

But in the spirit of sharing himself, he decided to give real answers. So here are a few of Michael’s favorite things:

  1. What’s your favorite food? Chicken Wings
  2. Favorite color? Purple
  3. Favorite sports team? Oakland Raiders
  4. Do you like to read? Poetry and History
  5. Do you have a hobby? Writing and going to the movies
  6. What makes you laugh? Being silly
  7. What’s your favorite song? Rainbow Connection
  8. Do you have a favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz
  9. Whats your favorite game to play? Sorry

How about you? Anybody else like chicken wings or the Oakland Raiders?