Opportunities to Engage

The word “engagement” in our name is intentional. We’re not content divided between staff who provide services, clients who receive, and donors who only support from a distance. We are sure life is better when we do it together. We don’t have clients or donors, we have community members. We do have staff but we work hard to minimize that distinction and keep the focus on growing friendships. There are a number of weekly activities that invite people to find connection with our community. Here are some examples of supporters who have found regular ways to contribute something specific and/or spend time with us.

  • Miss Anne bakes a cake each week for our shared meal on Wednesday so we can celebrate birthdays.
  • Melanie provides wonderful dishes for the Wednesday meal. 
  • Siobhan gives us games for Monday Games.  
  • Monica helps us garden on Thursdays. 
  • Toni sponsors Monday morning pancakes. 
  • Steven and Paul do maintenance work. 
  • Kim and Katherine bring their pets in (pet therapy is great!). 
  • Karen, Cathy, and Rose brings biscuits on Tuesday mornings. 

We are grateful for each of these people and all our donors who make our community possible. If you’re looking for ways to get plugged in with our community, here are a few openings we have: 

  • provide or sponsor candy and chocolate milk for Monday Games (candy for snacking, chocolate milk for prizes) 
  • provide or sponsor popcorn and/or movies for Tuesday movies 
  • prepare dishes or ingredients for Wednesday meals, come cook with us, come eat with us 
  • provide or sponsor milk and cookies for Support Group on Wednesday (meets at 2pm) 
  • provide transportation for showers on Thursday afternoon 
  • provide or sponsor note taking supplies for Friday classes (starts in October) 
  • provide or sponsor material for journal keeping 

If any of these interest you – or if you have another idea – send us an email (see Contact above) or give us a call at (919) 835-2777.