Relationships Are The Key

A reflection from way back in the early days of Love Wins Ministries that Hugh writes on the importance of strong relationships. If you’d like Hugh to share more stories with your community group or church, please email Jasmin here. Thanks! – Jasmin



Today, I spent the afternoon helping a 55 year-old man move his worldly possessions from a mini-storage unit to the rooming house room he rents. There is so much I could say about the experience and the lessons that could be derived from it, but the biggest thing that hit me was that here we had a 55 year old man who has lived in the area his entire life and he had no relationships strong enough to help him move his stuff.

How does this happen? How is it that in 55 years you have not built any lasting relationships that you feel good enough about to ask for help? Instead, you are reduced to asking for help from this crazy missionary guy you barely know, who is more than willing to give up two afternoons in order to help you move the stuff you should have moved months ago, but you did not know who to ask for help.

People get tired of hearing me talk about relationships, but the longer I do this the more convinced I am that the key is in the strength of our relationships. I know a little of his story – the broken promises, the lost potential, the misplaced faith, but still: 55 years and I was the only one he felt comfortable calling.

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