Scholarship for a Better Future.

The Nutrition Program is near and dear to our hearts.  We serve 140 individual meals in a day, twice what we have served in the past, and it keeps Billy and Stefanie very busy making huge vats of food.  How do we do it?  Through individual donations, and our partnership with the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina.

At the food bank, we can buy meat and any product for only $.19 a lb.!  That means that your donation goes even further to purchase healthy food for folks in need of a hot meal.  As everyone knows, we have a reputation for having the best food in town, which we are really proud of, however, we have run into a problem and need your help.  

The Food Bank requires that our kitchen staff have a safety class called “Serve-Safe”, which focuses on food safety at a manager’s level.  These classes cost $149 each, and we simply don’t have it to spare.  If you would like to do a solid, tangible good, consider providing a scholarship so that Billy and Stefanie can attend these classes and get their certification.  If we don’t have someone with this certification, our partnership with the Food Bank will be suspended, and because we can buy 100 lbs. of food for only $20, this would be detrimental to our Nutrition Program and Food Pantry.  

Click here to provide a scholarship or if you prefer to send a check, our new address is: 622 Maywood Ave. Raleigh, NC 27603.  Billy and Stefanie not only run the food pantry and the kitchen, but participate in other events, like the Saturday Market at Rebus Works, where we sell plants, vegetables, community member crafts, and of course, our famous T-shirts.  

We are so grateful for our partnerships, and we are committed to ongoing staff education. We depend on your passion, as we can’t do this without you. Thank you for being our friend.

Author: MaRanda Kiser

Food is my love language- it's how I express love into the world.