Sick Day


I was out of work for most of last week with the flu. It was pretty standard. I went to the doctor, got my prescription, then stayed in bed, ate chicken noodle soup and binged watched my favorite shows for five full days. It was absolutely terrible though. I wouldn’t wish the flu on my worst enemy.

I did the math, and I ended up spending $70 on an urgent care visit and antibiotics. Plus another couple of hundred dollars from not working for five days. Fortunately I have sick days to collect at work and I had a warm bed where I could recover. I was warned to stay warm and take the medication so that it wouldn’t become pneumonia.

All I could think about during that time, was how sympathetic I felt towards our community members who have to sleep anywhere except a safe home, especially while they’re sick.

I get asked for Dayquil at least 15 times a day from people who are sleeping in a tent. At first it was annoying being asked every 30 minutes for cold medicine, but it was annoying for the wrong reasons. I couldn’t imagine not being able to go to the doctor or to get a prescription. I also couldn’t stand the thought of recovering on a cold hard ground in the middle of winter without someone to help take care of me.

When you’re sick, it hurts to just breathe. It’s not okay to me that there are people who have to live without the luxury of recovering. Even staying at a shelter is not all too helpful. You are forced to wake up early after a night of being in a room with a hundred other people.

I realize more and more everyday I work at Love Wins just how blinded I was to my own privilege. I realized how one more blanket from the closet and one more pack of Dayquil can really have an effect, can really mean something.

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