More Love Than Before


Rev. Robert Parrish

There is a proverb that says “A three stranded cord is not easily broken. In a broad sense this means that there is greater strength when teams of people combine together there is greater strength to carry out a common purpose. Instances of this can be seen in major companies combining together. For instance, in 2017 Disney combined with Century Twenty One. This merger gives Micky Mouse and Fox an even greater platform for viewing in your devices.

You might have heard that Love Wins Community Engagement Center has moved. Love Wins is now located at St. Johns Metropolitan Community Church. No, this is not quite like the block buster merger as mentioned above; but it does make the effort to help those in need even stronger.

Change is never completely easy. With it comes the need to be open and flexible. For Love Wins this means getting used to a new space. Questions like, “Where will things fit?” and “Where will our office space be?”, are now being addressed and figured out. Rev. Vance, who is the pastor of St. Johns, has even sacrificed some of his space to help us out.

The advantage of our new space is the patrons of Love Wins have a larger room with couches and a television in which they can relax. There is also much more space out side that even has an area covered with a tent for protection from the sun.

Even though love wins Community Engagement Center is in a new space it still will do what it has previously done. Homeless people will still be given clothes to wear, get food from a food pantry, and be given peer support. Also, spiritual support will still be available to those who wish to have it. In short, the love and care has and will not change.

Sometimes when companies merge “stream lining” must take place. I like to think of it as becoming “leaner but meaner”. Thus, because of our new space Love Wins is not able to keep everything. Therefore, love wins will be having a yard sale that will likely take place in July. But, don’t let the smaller space fool you. Besides those advantages listed earlier, Love Wins Community Engagement Center will have more money with which to operate. This means that love will win more than before.

Love Wins Chaplain, Pastor Robert Parrish