Meet Blu!

We knew that when the time was right to hire someone, it would be someone we already knew. Someone who knew and loved our community. A person who had given of themselves, selflessly, through volunteer work and dedication, expecting nothing in return. A true believer in the mission of Love Wins and our 6 principles of hospitality. We asked the universe to send us our person, and the universe responded with Blu.

“Blu was made for this job! She’s a perfect fit,” Jill* said as she was gathering her things to leave for the day. I couldn’t agree more. Blu’s title is “Operations Associate”, because it’s the broadest title we could think of for the wide swath of talent that she brings to the table here at the center. We have a busy winter ahead and a newly implemented meal plan.

Hugh overheard me tell another volunteer “Check with Blu, she heads up our nutrition program”, and he said,“We have a nutrition program now? That sounds official. And fancy.” He’s right, it does, and we’re all really proud of it.

Blu is easy to talk to and has a natural talent for listening and really hearing people, it’s no surprise that she would like to be a substance abuse counselor. Our folks love her and trust her, often seeking her counsel to talk about challenges they face as well as celebrating their wins with her.

She’s profound in her wisdom and I learn something new from her daily. Her practical camping knowledge is invaluable when trying to meet the needs of people living outside during cold weather, and if there is anything more needed in this community than an outdoor enthusiast, I don’t know what it is yet.

Her resume is as fearless as she is, from dancing with the Moscow Ballet, to apprenticing as a body piercer, to learning to frame houses, working her way up and managing her own framing crew; she’s as strong as she is kind, and that’s Love Wins material. Welcome to the family, Blu, we’re so lucky to have you!

*Names of community members are changed to protect privacy