Volunteer with Us

What you should expect

We don’t do big groups well. Don’t get us wrong. We would love to talk to you about designing a way your large group can help us accomplish our mission of loving and befriending vulnerable people – but our mission is loving and befriending. So, if you have a big group that wants to come out once, we can use you – but it might not be working directly with people who are experiencing homelessness. Instead, it might be a lot like work – cleaning, organizing, stuff like that.

Our approach is relational. Because of our approach, it’s hard for us to work with people who come out once a year (often around the holidays). If you only want an annual experience, maybe the Salvation Army or The Food Bank would be a better bet. Because so much of what we do is tied up in relationship, don’t be surprised if one of us asks to meet you for coffee before we let you volunteer, so we can get to know each other first. After all, we’re trusting you with our friends.

We are pretty protective. After all, these are not just our “homeless friends.” These are our real friends.

Current volunteer needs

Group Projects

Yard work/community garden upkeep – Lots of foot traffic means lots of outdoor upkeep. Hopefully that will include a community garden in the near future!

Donation organization – Our stock of donations ebbs and flows, and sometimes it overflows. We’ll need help keeping it organized and at-hand.

Individual Projects

Creating a hospitable space – We need volunteers to welcome hospitality house guests with conversation, to help with incoming donations, and most importantly, to build relationships.

Managing the front desk – Welcoming guests, answering the phone, taking messages, answering guests’ questions.

Transportation – To the food bank, to medical appointments, to job interviews.

What you should do next

Please email MaRanda to schedule a time to work alongside us, then sign up for our newsletter to learn when the next volunteer orientation will take place.