We will reopen on Monday – and need your help.

Since the dramatic departure of two employees, the hijacking of some our social media accounts and the resulting closure of the center three days ago, some 70-100 vulnerable people – people who are, for the most part, chronically homeless –  have had no place to go.

Our first priority is to not focus on the drama, but to focus on the people who actually need our help. Our first priority is to reopen the center.

To do that, we are going to need some help.

Over the last few days, dozens of people have reached out with their offers of help, which is good, because we are going to need it.

On Monday morning, volunteers and members of the remaining staff will reopen the Community Engagement Center, probably on a six hour a day schedule.

The reality is, the Community Engagement Center isn’t about any one person, or any of the staff, or even about what we call it. The real idea behind the Community Engagement Center is that it is about creating a place where everyone can belong, where people who have no place to go can have a place, a place where the stranger can enter and become a friend.

And that, all of us can do.

If you would like to help us in that – if you can work a three hour shift, if you can come by for an hour, if you can help us make lunch on Wednesday, or pancakes on Monday morning, or anything else, please go here and give us your contact information, and someone will be in touch with you in the next 48 hours or so.

Thank you so much for your support.